Chemical Anchors of Adit Ltd

Why the chemical resins of Adit Ltd are the most popular in Israel?

Due to the diversity of resins in the range of offer of Adit ltd that fit all applications

Due to the quality of our anchors, certified with European Approval

Due to our expertise and our engineering staff, known as the most professional in Israel,

Due to our constant support, from the design to the final installation

Due to our competitive price

Due to our well-known excellent customer service

Because you know that in  Adit Ltd, we consider ourselves as your partners, and we will always look after the optimal solution, that fills the requirements but is cost effective.

Because we know, that together we both win.

Chemfix100 internet
Chemical epoxy anchor resin Chemfix500 with ETA approval

CT50Pro chemical anchor resin cartridge 410ml
Chemical anchor hybrid resin Chemfix200 with ETA approval